Advisory Board


The advisory body for the Camp has the following duties.

  1. To act in an advisory capacity to the 9th Judicial District Court and Douglas County Board of County Commissioners in promoting, aiding, and encouraging the development of the China Spring Youth Camp and Aurora Pines Girls Facility.
  2. To review, establish, and /or implement policies during the operation of the camp.
  3. Assist in the preparation of a budget to be prepared and submitted to the State of Nevada bi-annually.
  4. To keep minute of the transactions of each meeting, regular or special, which are public records and filed with the senior district court judge of the 9th Judicial District. (Ord. 415 1(part), 1983, 2002)

Advisory Board Members

Judicial District County Board Member
1st Carson/Storey Ali Banister – Juvenile Probation Officer
2nd Washoe Frank Cervantes – Juvenile Probation Officer
2nd Washoe Bridget E. Robb – Juvenile Delinquency Court
2nd Washoe Liz Florez – Juvenile Probation Officer
2nd Washoe Lori Cooke
3rd Lyon/Churchill Eric Smith – Juvenile Probation Officer
4th Elko Cliff Eklund – Commissioner
5th Nye/Mineral/Esmeralda Tom Metscher – Chief Juvenile Probation
6th Humboldt/Lander/Pershing Pauline Salla – Chief Juvenile Probation Officer
7th White Pine/Lincoln/Eureka Lynette Gust – Chief Probation Officer
9th Douglas Mike Torres – Juvenile Probation Officer
9th Douglas Judge Steven McMorris
9th Douglas Dave Rich
9th Douglas John Engels – Douglas County Commissioner
9th Douglas Judge Nathan Tod Young
10th Churchill Motulalo Otuafi – Churchill County JPO
11th Pershing/Lander/Mineral Dan Baldini
State State of Nevada Leslie Bittleston – Justice Programs Office